Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Endless Knot

Finished the first of the eight auspicious symbol project. I've been using Holbein acryla gouache which is halfway between the consistency of goauche and acrylic. It has a very flat appearance once done but you have to put on many coats of paint to achieve that effect which takes extra time. Another benefit is that the bottom layer doesn't pull up when you are dry-shading.

The main hindrance I found was that the paint doesn't flow as well from my sable brushes. I recently bought some cheaper acrylic brushes which seem to work wonders. I'm sure I'll figure out more tricks as I move on to the conch shell next.

The Endless Knot symbol itself was a bit confusing to figure out. Tsherin gave me some basic instruction on how to figure out the image I was working from. I managed to recreate it after three tries but I didn't have confidence in doing it successfully again next time. Luckily, I went to Andy Weber's workshop at Rainbow's End Farm earlier this month. He gave me a simple grid system to figure out it out. Now I have much more confidence and can create a sketch of one in about 10 minutes.

I'd love to experiment more with this symbol and materials. I'm pondering using copper leaf as an exercise.