Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Teaching of Tara's Eyes

The Current thangka I'm working on is of green tara. A few weeks ago I painted the base coat for her body wiping away all my original lines. A blank slate now. Tsherin has me practicing drawing the head. Getting the subtlety of the lines before i go back to the actual painting.

Yesterday, I had a teaching arise out of the drawing. I was focusing only on the eyes. A very challenging thing to get correct. I've been doubling + tripling the size of head to see the characteristics better. I've begun to feel a little more confident on my strokes, knowing the head placements without having to look back at the grid system so much. Next, I went back to the original smaller size. The area for an eye is about 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch. This seemed so confining at first. The curves for the eyelid have to arrive so quickly then vanish within this tiny space. I spent all of the two hours of class erasing and redrawing them. Finally near the end of the session, my eyes/mind began to slow down. The confined space seemed to almost expand and be infinite. The possibilities for drawing within were large. Only then did I start to get the curve of the eyes correct.

what a glorious teaching to arise.

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