Monday, June 14, 2010

Art Sangha

Last week I had a powerful experience while painting the body nimbus of White Tara. At a certain point, the background had the optical effect of receding while the remaining body sketch moved crisply into the foreground. At this moment of arising, various connections fired off in my brain. I realized that over the years I've not only found sangha within my buddhist community but also in the bay area art world. Mental blockages just dropped away and a new path beckoned.

Part of this process has come from my apprenticeship w/ Tsherin through the support of ACTA. Part of it has been the space created by the current poor economy which has given me extra time. Normally I wouldn't be pushing myself to complete a series of paintings in one year. Typically it can take a year to complete just a single thankga but I'm attempting to do three large ones in 2010. Another aspect of this inspiration is for organizing the thangka art show that will include paintings created during the ACTA period. I'm hoping to get more of Tsherin's students involved since they have been such a great support to me. I need to talk with Tsherin about my ideas once he gets back from New York.

Saturday night I ventured out to the 15th Anniversary exhibit of the Women's Environmental Art Group [WEAD] which was hosted by JFK University's Arts & Consciouness gallery.  I got the chance to reconnect with one of my art teachers and mentor, Andree Singer Thompson.   Andree's Eco-Art course taught me how to feel more comfortable with creating formal art proposals. This process gave me the confidence and knowledge to apply with ACTA. She's currently creating an art car to ride in the "How Berkley Can you Be" Festival, Maker Faire, and other art car  and ecology events. I've been invited to participate in painting it. I'm looking forward to working again with Andree as well as getting advice on exhibit proposals for the thangka show.

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  1. I always look for posts related to art as you got to see creativity of people there. This is really cool post, thank you for sharing it