Monday, January 18, 2010

Attainment Mind

The initial sketch for White Tara is nearing completion. Since Tsherin is leaving shortly for his two month art retreat, my "attainment" mind sometimes wants to rush ahead to get the basic layout done. I need to keep that aspect of myself in check. And I only have two weeks left before he leaves.

Lately I've been increasing my daily meditation time towards two hours. This amount is the commitment required for a ten year buddhist retreat that I applied for. This practice has helped in slowing down my drawing process. As you slow down, the subtle curving of lines come into your awareness. It's amazing how much we never see since we always try to rush ahead!

I've accomplished quite a lot already on this project. In comparing this White Tara to the one done in 2000, I've come a long way. I'm curious what changes will occur in another ten years going down this path. I can only hope that each new painting will bring forth a better vessel for the deity's energy to inhabit.

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