Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pata Practice

This week I've been practicing "Patas." Pata is translated as leaf. The spirals are dazzling to the eye when done correctly. The process starts out with one hook then you build counterpoints to that main spiral. After that, it's kind of like connecting the dots while maintaining a harmonious width.

Tsherin told me that if you look closely at well done patas you will notice that none of them look alike. If you only do a "stencil" then they look stiff. In order to trick the eye into seeing them as continuous, one must alter each section individually.

Soon, I'll begin drawing the patas in the outer portion of the body aura. I've also begun finalizing the lines on the sketch before the inking process

The Pata practice has peaked my interest into other forms of ornamentation. I hope to pick up a history of ornamentation book from the library soon.

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